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This is a character class supplement for the RPG Heartseeker by Trollish Delver Games. Heartseeker is a brilliantly written game in the old-school tradition.

This supplement adds 2 character classes to the game: Barbarian and Bard

Special thanks is offered to Scott Malthouse of Trollish Delver Games for creating Heartseeker, which inspired my imagination when I first read it. Thanks is offered as well as to ManaRampMatt for creating a Druid Class Supplement for the game, which inspired me to publish my own supplement.

This is published under a Creative Commons 4.0 license.


Bard and Barbarian Classes for Heartseeker 1 MB
Bard and Barbarian Plain Text.txt 2 kB

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Very cool and fits within the Heartseeker framework nicely.


Brilliant stuff!